Rizzle Kicks- Skip to the good bit

by missizziemcguinness

There’s something which is reasonably good when listening to Rizzle Kicks, a hip hop duo from Brighton who’s members are called Harley Alexander -Sule and Jordan ‘rizzle’ Stevens. They have so far released 2 albums and perform at major festivals mostly around England, often trying to achieve a PJ and Duncan sound.

 Their latest song, Skip to the good bit is a catchy tune who’s video (SPOILERS!) features famous faces, one of which is Will Poulter, a 20 year old actor who you may have recognized if you have watched films such as We’re in The Millers or Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of The Dawn treader. The video starts in a chemistry lesson and ends with a weird looking school disco. I personally find that it is one of their best yet because their music gets better when they do more singles, although I think their quality live will never change (No offense, but they’re terrible live from what I’ve seen)

On the other hand, This song is not the best that I’ve listened to. All their songs sound the same and all they seem to sing about is girls and ‘skipping to the good bit’. If I would rate it, I would give it a 6/10.