Conor Maynard

by missizziemcguinness

Every male young singer on the planet seems to have some supposed relation to Justin Bieber. Well, not this 20 year old singer, who was founded on Youtube covering his own version of songs in his room. Conor Maynard, a Brighton singer who has appeal aimed at girls and maybe boys aged around 6-30+ such as R U Crazy or Vegas Girl and has so far released one album, Contrast.

I have no idea when I first became interested in him, probably from a friend, but his songs are so appealing to people and individual to other singers that they end up catchy and easy to sing along to. We don’t hear him or marijuana in the same sentence.. well, not yet anyway. To be honest, there is no way of comparing Conor Maynard because he is so individual with his own style, including the mole under his right eye. His dramatic soulful voice reminds us of heartfelt hits that we use to sing along to, both his range of flapback hats which only really look interesting on him.  

My favourite songs of his are probably Vegas Girl, which is one of his earlier hits which surrounds how he searches for a girl that he met and thought she was a Vegas Girl. Another one I personally like is his latest one, R U Crazy, which is about a girl who think that she can get back with him. Since my sister knows someone who knew him, he is a bit more easier to meet than maybe One Direction.   

However, I often find that his music sometimes sounds the same and follows the same line of either finding or breaking up with a girl. Too many male singers or boybands have done that and he struggles to break out of that cliche, making his focus of singing or range of songs questionable. How many more male singers are going to sing about breakups without realizing that they’ve made covers of someone else’s song?  

Thanks for reading.