Child Stars/ singers going down dodgy paths.

by missizziemcguinness

I think Hollywood should be looked at in both ways. There’s Leonardo DiCaprio or Claire Danes, who have been acting since their childhood or late teenage years and still don’t go down the wrong path, despite extreme roles. There’s the newcomers such as Asa Butterfield, who you hope will never go down the drug path or have Child star syndrome. On the other hand, there is Macualay Culkin, Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus who have grown up in the public eye so much that they turn to drink, drugs and er…. deciding to do a weird music video.

Propaganda is used in that sort of situation. You see a child actor smiling on the red carpet, they’re crying on the inside and don’t confess it until their parents nick all their earnings {this was a particular problem for post First world war star Jackie Coogan} when they’re older and don’t want to go anywhere near the studios or behind, even in front of the camera ever again. 

With the turn of the questionable Justin Bieber incidents,it leaves you wondering how fame can get to their head in a way that they think they can rule the world of pop when thy’re battling secret drug incidents. 



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