Justin Timberlake

by missizziemcguinness

Some actors or singers are good looking or talented when they are young, then lose the plot when they hit puberty, or when they become adults. Other, however, it’s the other way round {not naming anyone, George Clooney}. In particular, Justin Timberlake, a singer and actor who has been singing and acting on and off since the nineties, having previously appeared in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 


Any of you over the age of around 17 would remember him as the blonde curly haired guy from N’Sync, an American boyband of the nineties who sang hits such as Bye Bye Bye and Music of my heart. From what I have seen of them, they are a cheesy, all dancing pop group of the late 20th century. They called it quits in 2002 and since then, Timberlake has been releasing his own material, often collaborating with people such as Jay-Z or Madonna. and I’m sure the other members have done so too.

Obviously things have changed and in the blonde curly haired guy’s place is a 32 year old hunk who has found the brown hair dye, suitable hair stylist and is married to one of the most glamorous actresses ever, Jessica Biel. He frequently appears on the American late night show, Saturday Night Live, a comedy show of which most US hot-listers {sometimes outside the US as well}  appear on. He has appeared in films such as Social Network and Runner Runner, which is why there is a long gap between his last album and 20/20 Experience.

On the other hand, Timberlake probably does not appeal to everyone. To some, he may be old in the music world or maybe most of his songs are not of cleanest of lyrics. Either way, he is a prime example of someone who grew up in the limelight, married someone in the limelight and is still coming out sane but with songs or movies that does not appeal to everyone.

In my opinion, his songs are very cleverly sung and he puts emotion and into his music that the other Justin is starting to lose because the fame is getting to his head now {and he somewhat reminds me of Robert Pattinson, let’s not get onto that}. Personally, my favourite song of his is Mirrors because it puts an emotional message across and the theme of the song is actually about his wife and the romance between his grandparents. 

Thanks for reading 😀



 The video for his new song TKO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyXtoTLLcDk