Christoph Waltz

by missizziemcguinness

What fascinates me amongst my large interest in movies is how there are actors who are discovered all the time, both young, old and foreign, or not from countries such as America, Canada, UK, America etc. From Jean Dujardin (main guy from the Artist) and Penelope Cruz, these people are not originating from America etc and not paraded in the public eye as much just for walking out of a coffee shop.

In particular, Christoph Waltz, a 57 year old German-Austrian actor who has been in box office flops where he outshines the basic story line, foreign films as well as films such as Django Unchained of which he has won an award or two for and has only broken onto the scene five years ago or so.

I first became interested in his films when I watched Water For Elephants, mostly for Robert Pattinson because I actually heard about it in a magazine, and is about a circus vet who falls in love with a circus performer in the Great Depression only to be under the wrath of a paranoid schizophrenic, of which Waltz plays.

In my opinion, from all the films I’ve seen of his (The English ones, not the ones which were foreign and early in his career, which are in German and I don’t know much German) he plays and presents his parts in a way that makes people scared.

My Favourite film of his out of all 5 1/2 of them which I have seen other than the trailer is Epic (see Epic by izzie b aka 21st century girl for more information) not only because it is an excellent film, but it’s for all ages and I personally find he’s better in animated movies than any other film he’s in.

Some may argue, that aside from all the films he’s done and acceptance speeches, he is a nobody to those not familiar to his work, mostly because he is more in American stuff and foreign movies, for example, I don’t think everyone’s cup of tea is a Tarantino film and a billionth adaptation of The Three Musketeers.


2013 acceptance speech:

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