Asa Butterfield

by missizziemcguinness

As Ender’s Game is coming out literally next week, I decided to talk about it’s main star, 16 year old Asa Butterfield, a young actor who’s films I have admired since I was in primary school. 

Raised in Islington, London, he, like other actors, is a normal person in reality and will hopefully not fall down a River Phionex/ Macaulay Culkin path and like said actors, will be in rehab in the near future but as mentioned in a couple of interviews, he has school and A levels to fall back on. 

I am not trying to sound like a film person at all, but I first became interested in him when watching The Boy with The Striped Pyjamas, when he was merely a 10 year old boy actor with dreams and possibilities to become big someday (Goes for Isabelle Allen from Les Miserables 2012 as well). From that starting point, he starred in Merlin playing Mordred and The Wolfman to name a few. Prior to that, he was a normal kid attending acting classes. 

By the time I watched Nanny McPhee and The Big bang and Hugo, two of his later films, he had grown a great deal and was showing comparison to actors much older than him. A normal looking teenage boy who probably likes the odd party and Stars Wars movie who has worked with Martin Scorsese and has Co-starred with Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford is not what you see everyday.   

In my opinion, I can see him in ten years or so bearing similarities to Elijah Wood or David Tennant, but on the other hand, thee only criticism I must say about him is that he is merely a still little known teenage actor, not many people have heard of him aside from people who have seen his films and people who go to school with him (to be honest, I think that’s best so fame doesn’t get to his head and ruins another amazing actor) though others may agree that he has gone a long way from that floppy haired innocent son of a Nazi in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. 


Here is a video clip of an interview where he talks about his upcoming film Ender’s Game.