The Wanted- Show me love {America}

by missizziemcguinness

Despite previous interpretations of past top boy bands- this song shows off their more natural Westlife/ Take That in their new song which {spoilers} judging by the video and lyrics in general, it is about a guy losing and regretting everything he has for a woman to simply show him love or vice versa, with each member of The Wanted playing a passer by and to show off acting skills that they have never shown before. Together, they get wet in suits, Jay pre- daft haircut pretending to be a hobo and a glamorous actress 

Filmed in Black and White, the song and video that goes with it creates a moody atmosphere along with backing violins to put across a mood that they haven’t even explored before, a far cry from up beat nightclub/ disco songs of theirs such as We Own The Night or Glad You Came, which nearly all involve partying and bikini clad women. Show Me Love {America} personally takes me back to their Heart Vacancy days. 

On the other hand, this song, just like every other song they do, will create criticism that make them look like outsiders who can’t make music just because they’re not exactly the most squeaky clean of boy-bands- their media created music ‘rivals’ {Hi One Direction} but whatever they do, the media will always pick holes in The Wanted’s music even if they do get a dozen Number Ones.

In my opinion, I think this song is beyond boundaries brilliant and shows something that does not always take place in a nightclub but instead sees them as smartly dressed men in suits. The one thing that I must criticize is the lack of Siva solos {the soft voiced, part Sri Lankan, Irish one} make him look more of a backing singer than a member. If rated, it would be a definite ten out of ten.

I should have shown you America, all the bright lights in the universe, I could have reached the highest tower, a different place, a different eye

Show Me Love {America} is one of the many tracks on their new album Word Of Mouth.