Cast Away

by missizziemcguinness

Nothing beats a good Tom Hanks film, especially if it’s older than ten years old (sorry Toy Story 3 and any of his films done after 2003).

Spoilers: Here he plays a FedEx executive called Chuck stranded on an island with nowhere back, trying to light a fire, growing a Santa- eat your heart out beard and talking to a hand printed volleyball named Wilson.


The only thing that I must critize about this is as much as we love to watch Tom Hanks on a stranded island for over two hours, it leaves you wishing something else would happen (even though there’s nothing much to do if someone was on an island like that).

If anyone else aside from Tom Hanks played the lead, it wouldn’t have that extra touch that he puts into every role he does, showing everyone how to survive on an island, one of which he very nearly didn’t. Or that famous line ‘WILSON’ which has been parodied in many ways. 

Nobody else can look the huge beard and long straggly hair part , how accurate it is that he was not in the best shape ever, or a six pack hunkvin the film (He doesn’t need too, he’s  an Oscar winning actor, not a poster boy) 

I would suggest that you should watch this film, despite the fact it isn’t new (it was released in 2000). Or it often makes you longing for the end or the type of film which you cannot just see some of it but is otherwise enjoyable. Image