The Wanted We own the night

by missizziemcguinness


‘When he was at a party, the party never died’.

The follow up from 90s boyband tribute Walks Like Rihanna, The Wanted’s We own the night follows the rough lads as they rent out their local pub to film in. Curly barnet wearer Jay gets a  girl, Baby of the band Nathan gets ‘a little drunk’, Bolton boy Tom plays his guitar, King of the cheek bones Siva finally gets a fair share of a solo and party boy Max snogs a 75 year old. Basicallly their normal self. Partying. Pensioners and Tom Parker. Oh,

Not to include people on skateboards and mopeds. A busy video, which is common for the Wanted, who’s videos usually involve partying, girl or generally looking as if they’re enjoying themselves.

The Verdict: 2013 is a big year for the Wanted. Not only have they done a E! post watershed TV series called  The Wanted Life, filled with the insight of their time in the US They are releasing their third album Word Of Mouth, and I smell a number 1 coming on for this single.

They use a newer sound. This catchy beat and general lyrics will keep you singing it for months, a must download for your ipod. Oh, and making you wish that you were the girl with Jay or the one with Nathan at the piano. Oh, and this song will be on the album.

My opinion: For all nearly 3 years that I have loved the Wanted, never have I heard a rubbish song off them. Or any boring videos. We own the night is no different, but any non Wanted fans would find it boring, with ‘old’ men who are simply in their twenties not the most good looking of people (not teenagery squeaky clean cute)

Thanks for reading!