Leonardo DiCaprio

by missizziemcguinness

Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting is distingushed and what is better about him, 38 years old and has been in films of famous directors, mostly Martin Scorcese, Baz Luhmann (however it’s spelt) James Cameron and even Quentin Tarantino, with his pipe and time- period appropriate beard. 

He has three things a true actor should have.These are:

  • Actual talent and realism in any role he does.
  • Good looks and can actually suit a good beard
  • Inspiration for actors 

He has had his fair share of teenage girls after him and a string of models that he has dated. He once revealed that he doesn’t mind getting older as he prefers that rather than going back to the Titanic phenomenon. 

He has been in films dating back to c. 1991, from Critters 3 to Who’s eating Gilbert Grape, he has presented every role with a spirit that he really throws himself into it and has had famous friends along the way, particuarly Tobey McGuire, the previous Spiderman. To date, he has not fallen into the Macualay Culkin trap, otherwise known as Child Star syndrome, where a child is famous for both their innocent looks and talent as an actor then gets less and less roles as they go into teenage and young adult years, but Leo DiCaprio has taken around three breaks from acting to pursue his other passion- an environmentalist in case of a fall in popularity.

I think that he is a good inspiration and shows people that an Oscar (an award he has been nominated for maybe ten times) can never prove your acting ability in such an individual way that he does it. His facial expressions are kept to a minimum, and does not take over the role, unless it really has to.


As well as that, he has proven to Robert Pattinson (not proven to Robert Pattinson, but rather shows any actor trying to shake off their embarrassing role) that a film done years ago can make you still be remembered by that, but can branch out and not drop into drugs from the aftermath of a phenomenon, as shown in DiCaprio’s movies The Aviator or even Marvin’s Room.

Of course, he’s done his share of Shakespeare and real- life roles, Howard Hughes, the famous yet OCD sufferer aviator/ director, J- Edgar Hoover in J.Edgar as well as the title male role in a modern take of Romeo+ Juliet. Some sources say he is up for a Rasputin role, one role which many hope the long hair and beard is not real.

The only downside to him is that he is a bit pelicular often, such as the eating pizza with a mask on but i suppose that is what makes him so amazing as both and actor and that he is after all a normal everyday man who wakes up everyday and goes down to the shops (not that I bothered to check or observed!) Oh, and his wig in The Man in The Iron mask is so realistic. 

Thanks for reading 😀Image